Friday, May 27, 2011

I have not slept at all....PHOTOGRAPHY ADVENTURE.

I lie patiently in wait. I have not slept, and I have no desire to. I've been up all night writing my previous post, and I have now decided that I'm going to wait for the other people in my house to leave for the weekend so I can skulk around the property taking pictures for this post. Why? Because I've become very invested in blogging as a hobby over the past few hours. Don't ask me why or how. I have no fucking idea.

So here I am...lying in wait...
I really don't understand how I'm still awake. I may have used the almighty power of facebook against myself, thus jinxing myself into eternal awake-ness.
(If you are interested Hyperbole and a Half, click that link. It's amazing and quite obviously a great source of inspiration to me)


Wow, surreal moment you guys. I actually just spent the morning with my family before they left for their trip. I'm so confused.

Anyway, they're about to leave, so I have set up camp outside. I have my camera, my mouse, preparing to set up netflix, possibly go get the speakers so I can hear whatever I have playing whilst skulking around the property. The sky is giving forboding signs that there will soon be rain, so I may have to limit my photography adventure to mostly inside...or at least move base camp inside.... the truck monster has been started...and.... they're gone! 

Let the magical photography adventure BEGIN.

This is the base camp. Notice the Southpark on the laptop, the mouse, and the dog stealing my chair. 

 This is the neighbor's yard, visible from our deck. Our foliage and boat frame it nicely, no?

This is Grandma's cat. She's tired from ninja jumping across the neighbor's yard not seconds ago.

This is our back garden....this post gets better I promise.

Junk car....

Other Junk Car...

This sycamore tree sprouted out of the dead face of my first hamster 11 years ago. It's fucking magical. 

I went inside to get some milk/shoes and I found my cat. She was hiding from the great outdoors inside the garage.

I lured her inside with the all powerful finger wiggle, which is the mighty Orange Cat's one weakness.
She's now confused, because I never just let her be inside the downstairs portion of the house, because the grandparents live there, and they are not housecat people. She is weary of her own existence.

She has been captured. As if to say "fuck this noise", she turns away from the camera in defiance.

Orange Cat and Grandma Cat now feast at the foodening hole (it's like a watering hole...but with food.)

This is the precious milk which I went inside to get, which I spilled on my camera...I couldn't really take a picture of my milk-soaked camera...because it was the camera I was using to take pictures, so I cleaned off the camera and photographed the milk instead.

Orange Cat finds that her legs are very delicious. She may spend hours, perhaps days on one leg, captivated by the deliciousness of the limb.

I made it my mission of the moment to stalk Orange Cat, it seemed like the perfect objective for my adventure. Here we see her leaving the wood-construct luxury of her upper queendom to be amongst the lower denizens of her domain.

She notices something about this planter, it has water in it. She is captivated. The water in her bowl is not good enough, because she says so, so she turns to collected hose/rainwater.

Alas, my operation has been discovered. We must retreat to the safety of the base camp, lest we be mauled to death by her queenly wrath....

The dog senses my distress at being discovered.

We have spotted Orange Cat once again. She has become displeased with the previous planter-reservoir, and has selected a new one.

She shifts her attention, realizing once again the deliciousness of her leg.

FOILED! I am discovered! Orange Cat has now joined the adventure party.

My noble party of stalwart warriors...Notice how the Dog strikes what appears to be a fierce battle pose from this angle, but is really just curious interest in the Orange Cat, who is fascinated by the tacky, metal butterfly.


This dense grove of birds of paradise may seem innocent at first...but if we look closer, we can see that it is a hostile, dangerous place.

A constantly war-torn zone in which the fearsome, warrior natives battle the phasmiform beasts of the wild.

The noble palm tree...a species of flora not made to live in central Texas at all...and yet it's been here since we moved here. My Grandma has gotten it to grow that tall, and the leaves for the summer are coming lives to be abominate another year...

That's where I live. Second floor of the house...that's where it's at...yo...

Orange cat senses a disturbance in the force.

Preparing to initiate ninja jump....

I discovered that the "sport" mode on my camera is much better for capturing the cats in mid bound....that being said, photography is not a usual hobby of mine, so this was the only good shot I ended up getting.


The Dog strives to be the center of attention. Believing every word said in a slightly positive tone to be a call for her presence, and instantly flipping on her back to show that she's willing to please.

Orange Cat sits lazily in her garden, daring any evil to invade her domain.

....and once again my blog ends with me how to end it...I should probably fix that. Anyway, there's my photography adventure. This is what happens when I don't sleep and somehow have massive amounts of energy. 

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