Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Car Trouble

I found this blog while rifling through my drafts. It's from a month or two ago. 

So, my friend...must think of name...Dina? Sure. Dina.

So my friend Dina was over last night. It was pretty epic.

First my truck ran out of gas on the highway and we had to eat the food we had picked up from that Vietnamese place in the Kyle Parkway while we were waiting for my uncle to bring us a gas can because the smell was causing our stomachs to make noises similar to some sort of hog-beast.

And then when my uncle finally arrived, I could totally tell he was trying to determine in his mind if Dina and I were fucking or not (we're not, we're like siblings, it would be incestuous.)

It went on like this forever. I tried to make it less awkward by telling Dina about that time my uncle had to pull another friend of mine's car out of the ditch by our house...but it just lapsed into more silence as my uncle failed to make the gas can work for like fifteen minutes. Eventually he got it to work, and I was absolutely certain that my uncle had determined that Dina and I were fucking. It was mortifying.

After that we got to my house with a couple of bags of candy and some sugary beverages we had picked up at the Sac N Pac that was in our path on the way home.

At this point we kind of plopped down on my bed/couch and put South Park on Netflix while eating our candy.

Suddenly, Dina's eyes lit up with wonder and amusement, and this creepy smile cracked across her face.

And then the following  photographs were born:

After we finished with all that we started throwing Gummybears at each other's mouths, trying to get them inside...and then we incorporated Sourpatch Kids later.

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  1. I find it funny how we actually never told anyone that Sarah ran herself into that ditch.