Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stefan and Music (Stefan Uses MS Paint Rather Than Photoshop This Time, Just For Kicks)

The world of "mainstream" music and I have a very interesting relationship.

Once, not too long ago, my friend challenged me to play a game in which we would go through his infinite playlist of super mainstream songs. I lost this game. I was then informed that I would be able to redeem myself with the next song because it was "beyond mainstream", which apparently meant that children in third world countries knew about it.

Please view the following example, brought to you from Thirdworldia, followed by an example of my reaction, and then commence empathizing with my overwhelming sense of being surrounded by bullshit.

Allow me to elaborate. Little children in third world countries knowing about a song that came out of Non-Thirdworldia makes it very mainstream, not "beyond mainstream".

Listen, people. Literally every "mainstream" title I have in my music library came from me being stranded in my truck (or a room of people) without my ipod, and suddenly hearing something on the radio that produced this reaction:
As you can imagine, I would like more of this amazing and strange feeling, so I then set out on a quest to find the song and download it.
Then I proceed to listen to the song to the point where I hear it in my sleep, and mutter the lyrics during every waking hour, and bring it up in conversation. Sometimes I even ruin the song for my friends.
But...that only happened like once.

But yes. A very strange relationship indeed.

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  1. Dude, I laughed about this for a good five minutes. A+.