Tuesday, June 21, 2011


To my like...3 readers: I've decided that to get me into the habit of posting, writing, and generally getting my lazy ass out of bed every day, I'm going to do this thing called Project 365. Many of your friends have probably done/are doing some version of this project (I know tons of mine are), and all information on the version I will be using can be found here.

Basically you take one photo a day...and then awesome things happen. I will also be doing this on Facebook, where I will be writing short descriptions of the day. On here I will attempt to include actual blog posts, no matter how relevant they are to the actual picture. So my question is: WILL YOU COME WITH ME ON THIS ADVENTURE!? Well, since I have, like I said before, only 3-ish confirmed readers, all of whom I know in person, I'm assuming they will be following along to be supportive, no matter how drab they find my rantings about life.

The first photo will be added shortly.


This is the one that I ended up posting on facebook for day 1. I chose it because it illustrates the fundamental problem that I have with photography. When I get myself to actually look good for a potential shot, I end up fucking up the actual shot, which makes everything all fuzzy or bad in some other way. 
So basically here is what happened today and a bit of yesterday: My hair has been relayered, and my super awesome, gay friend whose name shall be changed to Cameron for the purposes of this blog got to see the debut of it...of course yesterday it looked horrible because I neglected to blowdry it, but it looks good today I guess. Today I started this photo thing, and then also my grandfather had me fix a computer problem which I am convinced didn't really exist. I'm pretty sure that what actually happened was that he freaked out because a button was a different color or something and called tech support, and then he had no idea what they were talking about, so nothing could be done until someone who understood complicated technobabble such as "start button" and "mouse" and "web browser" was summoned. Currently I'm listening to Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne and contemplating what I should do today. I should be working on the show I'm supposed to have done by the fall. I'm also hungry...perhaps I should get food. 

Here are some of the other candidates for Project 365: Day 1
Here's me trying to do another mirror shot while actually looking at the camera, however it makes me look like I've just been outed as having really smelly feet or having slept with some damnably gross person. 

This one did not make the cut because my hair decided to make me look like I was dreadfully pissed off. I was not, hair. Stop lying to the camera.

I don't know, my face looks weird in this one I think.

I mostly look penniless and dead in this one...

Same problem with the shot-fuzz problem, also I look like I'm about to eat the photographer, and since I took this picture I am not really down with this prospect.

Once again, my face looks weird.

This shot is so blurry that you can barely tell what's happening here! :(


  1. The one where your face looks "weitd" is the best one.

  2. Now nobody will know which one you speak of. None of them look "weitd" anymore. ._.